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You will NEVER have to BEG your sales people to train again! 

This is Sales Training that your sales people will WANT to train on!

This is NEW GENERATION TRAINING that will change your sales people immediately!

About Andy Elliott

With over 23 years of automotive experience, Andy Elliott currently trains over 60,000 sales people across the globe. What Andy has created with his up-to-date passionate Sales Training is something that the Car Business has NEVER seen before! For the very first time, sales people actually reaching out on their own for Sales Training! For years,  managers, GM’s, and owners have forced their sales people to do training and it’s become more of a burden than anything. Sales people don’t want to train because it doesn’t give them results.


Andy Elliott has created “The Ultimate Dealership Sales Training Program” that will teach your sales force how to become the top sales pros in the country. What’s even more beautiful is that they will be hungry to learn because they will immediately experience huge wins.  The drive and passion of a sales person is what feeds the atmosphere of the dealership! When you have a fired up sales force that is getting better daily at their job and is making more money, a dealership can scale its revenue extremely fast! And along with scaling fast and continuing to break new records, the customers will feel that they are truly cared for. They will notice the difference between the competent and the novice.  The competence of the prepared dealership to handle their business in a way that crushes the competition around you and sets you apart from the rest. 


Anyone that has experienced Andy Elliott’s sales training has been blown away by his energy, passion, and up-to-date training in every single area of the automotive industry. Andy will teach your entire sales team how to fall back in love with the process of selling cars. By  doing it the right way, and not short cutting the process, you’re not shortcutting your paycheck.

Our Courses

About The 24/7 365 Dealership Training Network by Andy

About The 24/7 365 Dealership Training Network by Andy

Training is no longer a drag.

Thousands of sales people around the world are reaching out to Andy for help! This tells us that they want to learn!  

  • What is amazing is that you don’t have to beg anybody to do their training anymore! 
  • Your sales force will be fired up to come into work each day and crush it!
  • Andy Elliott can help your dealership become the very best! 
  • We know your managers are busy making sure that they put up profit for the day and don’t miss a single car deal, so let them run the dealership and take the store to new levels
  • Andy trains your entire sales team and will be there for them every step of the way!


What you get with The 24/7 365 Dealership Training Network

Andy’s Training Program covers.

  • A daily training video that’s between 15 and 30 minutes for every day! 
  • Over  500 training videos and Andy will drop new content every single week into the training.
  • Also, if there’s any objection or situation that a sales person can’t handle they will have access to Andy directly.

Online Sales Training

Exclusive Content

When you become a member of The Elliott Group Dealership network you gain access to the most comprehensive library of up to date auto sales content.  This program is exclusively taught by Andy Elliott himself to help your team excel in business.

Real-World Application

The Elliott Group training teaches skills and techniques that work in the real world.  Your sales team can apply these techniques today for immediate results.

24/7 Access

Equip your team with 24/7 unlimited access to the courses available ON-DEMAND to help your dealership reach its full potential.

Current in depth training

We have over 500+ videos and are adding more every single week.  This is all-new, fresh, and current training to battle in a tough economy with the most prepared customers.


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Executive Manager

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